SANJAY's Autograph

It's going to be okay!
Scientific, Poetic and Mystical
World makes you Scientific
Love makes you Poetic
God makes you Mystic
In the beginning, everything was ONE
In the middle is the Chaos
And in the end, the holy spirit connects everything and makes ONE again
The ONE is magical because it becomes TWO the next day
Then Four
And so on...Until NINE
Then ONE comes back with NOTHING(0) to become 10.
The combination continues until the other ONE(Other ONE).
Then it settles in silence
The same silence there was before the beginning of the beginning.
In that supreme silence, a subtle verse descends.
When the subtle verse reaches silence again a more subtle verse takes the cause..and so on..
Ultimately so subtle that it cannot be at all.
Light as Light everything becomes and ascends to the highest plane...where everything stays the same...Forever and ever.